#HBIB Reviews: Tamatanga

Salaam all and welcome back to the blog, I have lots of reviews to write up so please bear with me. This post is all about Tamatanga which is the latest Indian street food place in Birmingham and comes in a week when Mowgli has just opened also in Grand Central. It is the second branch of this company with the first being in Nottingham which some of you might have visited

I popped over on a lunch break with a few friends to try out their lunch menu and those who are on my Insta will have already seen my initial views but see below for a more detailed review;

Service: We booked online via an automated service and were seated pretty quickly. The place is quite large but has enough staff roaming about that you can grab one if needed. The food came pretty quickly and there was not much of a waiting time which is important over lunch where there is a limited time. The place itself is really good, a very modern Indian street food spot, I really liked the decor but it is not as good as Indico which leads the class for me. I love the fact they have an eating kit as part of the table layout, reminded of the Wagamama set. 8/10


Food: Now on to the important bit, me and my friends each opted for a different lunch deal and we shared. On top of this I ordered a Paapdi Chaat as a starter and an extra portion of Tamatanga fries and this was really nice. The chaat was made quite nice with a tasty chutney to go with the chickpeas.  The pastry being nice and crispy rather than soggy or stale which is what you can find sometimes. We then ordered a Garlic Chilli Chicken (side of naan or rice), Lamb Biryani (along with a side of salad and raita) and a Lamb Wrap (which comes with a portion of Tamatanga fries).


The food looked amazing and tasted pretty good. We were all in agreeance that the curry outshone the other dishes. Really good flavour and the chicken was well cooked with a fresh fluffy buttered naan, what more could you ask for! We ordered an extra portion of naans as there were 3 people sharing the curry which I think is perfect for 2 people.

Second place was the Lamb wrap which was sheesh kebabs wrapped into a large tortilla wrap served with a mint chutney, I think they could have turned this into a paratha roll like other vendors have done to give it a more authentic experience and taste but the wrap was nice and very filling. The chips it came with were plentiful and a good take on masala chips. They didn’t taste too much like chilli powder which can be a tendency with Indian street food joints.

Third place went to the Biryani which was ok but compared to the curry and the wrap didn’t bring the flavour I expected. The lamb pieces were cooked well with the raita a bit on the bland side and overall was a very standard dish when compared to the other items we ordered. 7.5/10

Price: As we went during the lunchtime deal it was £8.95 for each meal which is well worth the price as it comes with a drink also and for a very filling lunch in the city centre it does provide good value I think. The starter we ordered was £5.25 which I thought was a bit steep for a veg based starter of pastry and chick peas with some chutney but it did start the the meal off nicely. I can see how you could end up spending lots of money here trying lots of different small dishes so order sensibly. The dishes listed above were very filling.  8/10

Overall: This place is a solid 8/10, despite not being impressed with the Biryani, the curry and the wrap delivered. I would push them to experiment with the paratha roll as a wrap for the sheesh kebabs in the future. It is based pretty central and very easy to get to. It does however service alcohol and has happy hour offers so do not be surprised if you get a rowdy work social while you are trying to have a private meal. This is a good option if shopping in the city centre or to take friends to. I will certainly be back there.

Location: Orion Building Navigation St, Birmingham B5 4AX (next to the Sainsbury’s opposite the Red Cage parking unit)