#HBIBReviews: Semedos

Semedos in the Jewellery Quarter is somewhere I have been wanting to go for a while and a week before Ramadan I made the trip down for some lunch. During this time they have some offers on as well as their main menu so some good choices to have.


Food: To start we went for some Hummus and pitta which was pretty nice, nothing too fancy they kept it simple and the pitta came hot and slightly toasted. I was on a small health kick before Ramadan so opted for Grilled Chicken Strips with some salad whereas my sister went for some Cod Frtters. I really enjoyed my Grilled chicken and the salad tasted fresh and crunchy. With some grilled Chicken I always enjoy a nice helping of salad and the portion was more than enough. The Cod Fritters were fried well and the Cod inside was quite nice. Something a bit different and authentic rather than going for the standard.

We also ordered a fresh juice  which was pretty nice and a good addition to the menu.

Price: Lunch meal deals are £4.95 which is not too bad but definitely on the higher side but given its location not surprising.

Service: The guys here seemed very helpful and food was served promptly, good range of condiments similar to a Nandos with their sauce bottles.

Overall: This is a nice place to go to eat just outside City Centre in the Jewellery Quarter. Be wary of parking as you may need to pay during the day but it is not much for an hour. The food was decent and I would definitely go again to try their Peri Peri chicken to see how they compare to people like Pepe’s and Ibrahims which seems to be the audience they are targeting. 7/10

Location54 Warstone Ln, Birmingham B18 6NG

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Semedossemedos/?fref=ts