#HBIB Reviews: The RiceCo

This is another review brought to you from my Pre Ramadan escapades. The RiceCo has not had the best of times with it initially opening at the start of the year but for several reasons had to shut and have now re-opened! I heard about them through a friend and was very keen to try them out seeing as they pride themselves on top quality ingredients.

Food: As we were keen to make the most of the mains only one starter was shared between me and a friend. The chicken wings came out and were well cooked and there was nothing fancy about them just some good ol’ fashioned wings with a small amount of garnish and a bbq sauce. The wings tasted really good but was not sure about the sauce or the garnish.


For the mains I opted for the Sirloin Steak whereas my friend had the Brisket both with side orders of chips. The Sirloin came out warm whereas the Brisket was hot, both orders of chips were piping hot. I think what had happened was that they were waiting on the chips which meant the Sirloin was left to its own devices on the plate which meant I had to get moving to eat it as no one wants a cold steak. The Sirloin was cooked very well and had a good taste. Brisket is something neither of us had had before and is something I would order on another visit. Both steaks were cooked really well and I was thankful for this, it had been a while since I have had some good steak in Birmingham. The chips were really good and had a very home cooked style and taste to them. The only thing I would change is the need for a proper steak sauce, the ones provided just did not cut it and the garnish of a roasted tomato was an embarrassment to such a good steak and is definitely something easy to improve upon.

Service/ Atmosphere: The guys served us pretty promptly on a quiet evening for the business. I love the decor of the place and is something that is quite comfortable to go with your friends or partner. They have a mix of casual seating for their breakfast and more formal seating for the evenings which works.


Conclusion: Overall this place is good with some fine tuning needed. They need to provide better steak sauce options and sort out their garnishes. I love to location a bit away from Broad Street but not too far as you can walk to it or drive. A friend I recommended this place to also went down last week and really enjoyed their burger so you have some further comfort there that this place is worth giving a go. I certainly will be back especially for their breakfast. 7/10