#HBIBREVIEWS : Big Mans Food

This review has been a long time coming and one which I promised ages ago! But here it is…. Big Mans Food have a big claim, quantity should not spoil the quality of your food and I was very sceptical about the claim but tried to keep an open mind when travelling to the ends of Birmingham for a burger.


Atmosphere: This is what lets the place down, there is no vibe there at all. You could easily be in someones cellar hidden away, hardly any natural light, blinds are always shut it and it is not in one of the most desirable locations all the way at the bottom of Pershore Road. The decor isnt so bad once you get past all of that and they are trying to make good out of a bad situation. The place was clean and some good solid condiments on the table including red salt which is something Birmingham really lacks. 5/10


Food:To start we shared some nachos and onion rings. For the main course I went for something mildly normal and created my own with a single beef patty and gave it a bit of a BBQ feel with some Turkey Rashers.  My friend went for a double with one beef and one chicken patty and it felt good picking our options to make the burger. The technology seemed to be working and our orders were taken swiftly on the handheld device. The burger was pretty good, mine came out nice and hot, you could really taste the beef and the Turkey rashers were a nice addition. My friends burger was good however his bottom bun was quite hard which did spoil things a bit but mine was really good. The fries were good and as mentioned before with a nice helping of red salt, even better. The burgers came with Brioche buns and were well held while we tried to eat our food respectfully which is hard when they tower them so tall.  8/10

Price/Service: Overall the meal for 2 including some Nachos to start came to around the £20 mark which is not too bad and about the going rate to be honest.The guys working there are really friendly and were well aware that it was a new business with its teething problems which is nice to see. At the end they asked us for our opinions and we gave them honestly and were happy to learn about their small mistakes and what they could improve upon next time. 8/10

Overall: Overall I would give this place a solid 7/10. The decor leaves alot to be desired and when there is so much competition in Birmingham you have to be on point. However it is a food place and the burgers were pretty good and I for one will definitely be back.

Location: 16 – 24 Wolverhampton Road Birmingham B68 0LH (next to the McDondalds)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/bigmansfoodb68/?fref=ts