#HBIB Reviews – German Doner Kebab

This week I ventured with a few work colleagues to the newly opened German Doner Kebab which has opened in Bull Street in Birmingham city centre. Why German Doner you ask? This is where the original store opened in Berlin in 1989 and since then the franchise has spread across the Middle East and has now hit the UK with many stores planned around the UK.

Enough of the history lesson and onto the issue in hand….

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Food: Due to me arriving half an hour after the main rush I was left with only chicken doner which I had in a sandwich with feta cheese and ordered it as a meal with Fries and a bottled drink. The sandwich came pretty quick and was pretty damn good! The bread it came with reminded of that I have when I visit Turkey/Morocco and really went well with the chicken doner. The salad tasted fresh and the feta cheese was a good addition. No extra sauce was needed and the sandwich was packed up with some really good fresh salad. The garlic mayo was a good addition for me to dip my fries into and the only thing about the meal I would change is the glass bottled drinks they give which are way too small for a full sandwich meal and you are left pretty thirsty at the end.  9/10

Service and Location: With an order for 4 people it was difficult for the staff to get these up to us which required about 5 visits from the poor guy coming upstairs to drop off the food. The food was served hot and they were more than happy to get anything else we needed which was appreciated. The restaurant has been converted from a Subway which used to be there and they have done a good job converting it with the branding and plenty of seating both downstairs and upstairs.

Bull St is a difficult location to get to if you are travelling into town just to visit the store so I would recommend you research where to park, in the evening this is easier with parking free around Colmore St Business District after 7.30pm but be sure to read the signs to make sure it is fine to park there.  8/10


Price: Good halal food is difficult to find in the city centre so already you will have to pay a premium. The only thing I can compare this to is a meal at Yum Yum Chicken which is around the £4.50 mark so you are definitely paying more as my meal with the extra cheese came to £8 for the meal so I would not suggest you could here every day at lunch time but I would recommend this for a treat even possibly once a week. As can be seen from the table below it seems a wiser option on the alternatives for its reduced saturated fast;

German Doner Kebab Health Facts


Overall: Really liked this place and can’t wait to go back and try the lamb doner. All my friends really enjoyed the place as well which means it was a successful meal. The only thing that hurts this place are its lack of parking for its visitors coming into town and the tiny drink you get as part of the meal therefore this place is a 8.50/10, solid food with solid service and I will be back!

Address: 84 Bull Street, Birmingham City Centre, B4 6AB