#HBIB Review – Ibrahim’s Grill and Steak House

Photo 16-06-2015 19 42 00

This is a short sharp review of Ibrahim’s Grill main restaurant which I have not been to in a while. This is the flagship restaurant based on Warwick Road, have a look at the smaller fast food branch which I reviewed not long ago here.

Food: I went for the Rump steak (16oz) with chips and gravy. The steak was cooked well but did have a lot of fat and that significantly reduced the size of what I could eat. It tasted good but lacked that real flavour and it did not fully fill me up. The chips were cooked well and the gravy was really nice, would have loved a bit more fried onions thrown in there to add a bit more flavour. 6.5/10

Atmosphere: Decor is really good and a bit more formal than the Fast Food restaurant they have opened in Green Lane, it is clean and has seating to suit all and has been well maintained since it first opened. The service is really good the guys who served me were really helpful and friendly and were happy to provide me with whatever was requested. 8/10

Price: I had a voucher from Amazon Local so look out for offers on GroupOn or Amazon Local to grab yourself a bargain if you can find them.

Overall: Overall I would have to give it a 7/10 the service was excellent and the place itself is decent I wish the steak was a bit better however. I will definitely be back for their chicken which I believe is one of the best in Birmingham.

Location: 1159 Warwick Road, Birmingham, B27 6RG