#HBIB REVIEW: Chicago Burger

Salam all and hope you are well and welcome to all our new supporters! A special mention has to go to the “Halal Gastronomy of Birmingham” page on Facebook who have been promoting us recently!

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Onto the food! Last month as a few friends we were finishing work and wanted some good food in town which wasn’t overly formal. A lightbulb moment led to us travelling down to Chicago Burger which I have not been for about a year and a half. This place at one point for me had the best burgers in Brum hands down. Through the Summer of 2013 they were closed due to refurbishments and they would never be open when they said they would which just led alot of people including myself frustrated and I just did not want to go back. However after a slight rebrand and refurb they are now reopened with regular opening times I am told.

So one late afternoon in May I ventured down with a few work colleagues to give this place another go and I have to say it was decent.

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Food: I ordered the Chicago Classic beef burger meal which included Jacket Fries and a drink. The Burger was very decent however not as good as before. I feel as if the quality has gone which made this place arguably the best burger place in town to what is now just pretty good. They piled in the lettuce as can be seen from the picture, the meat was well cooked but not the best tasting piece I of beef I have had from there on previous occasions. The jacket fries were pretty good, thank god these have not changed as they definitely add to the Chicago experience. My friends did enjoy their burgers with one opting for a Chicago Classic like mine and the other a peri peri burger.

The condiments however have gone down in my estimates slightly, instead of Heinz condiments given complimentary with your meal you now get a cheaper rip off which I guess is all part of the profit making game as it is still £5 for a burger meal (An extra £2 is charged for an extra patty). Overall the burger was decent, the review may seem slightly negative as I am sure it was better prior to the refurbishment however still a solid 7/10

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Atmosphere/Service: Chicago now offers a new modern self service kiosk where you can pick your burger and amend it how you wish followed by a electronic thumbprint which records your order and then when you get to the till you place your thumb print next to the till and your order pops up. Very gimmicky however it does take away the headache of people queuing behind someone who is taking ages to order! The guys are very friendly and tables are cleared away regularly and the place has a nice Uni/Office Lunch chilled vibe to it. 8/10

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Overall: The key judge of a place is if I would go back and the answer is a resounding yes. However I will no longer publicise the place as having the best burgers in town anywhere which is a bit of a shame! The decor is nice and I like the self order kiosk as it must save time for the check out as it is simply only a paying station. The place is sometimes difficult to find for newbies so pay attention to the maps. 7.5/10

Address: Jennens Court, 1 Fox Street, Birmingham, United Kingdom B5 5JR

Website: http://www.chicagogbc.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChicagoGBC