#HBIBReviews: Chaiwala

2 posts in 2 weeks! Last week I was down at Chaiwala which if I am honest I did not have high hopes for. I thought I might get some decent tea out of it at most but this was a turn up for the books.


Service/Atmosphere: This week we will start it with the service and decor as it is the first thing that hits you when you walk in. The decor is very nice and I like the modern take on an old asian tea house. One thing you will need to do is expect to wait. There are 4 tables of 4 which during busy times means there could be a queue of people wanting your seat which can sometimes get uncomfortable and you feel like you need to rush your food so other people can sit and eat. The service was really nice and was good to see a true family business at work with some good banter flying between mother and daughter. Food came out after 8-10 mins and staff were quite attentive and approachable. 8/10


Food: Myself and a friend both wanted to try as much of the menu as possible so we got a Desi Breakfast with Dhaal and Beans (£5.50), Butter chicken roti roll (£2.00), Bombay sandwich (£2.00), Masala Chips (£2.00), Samosa cone (£2.00) and an extra Karak Chai (£1.50). The food was brilliant, all freshly made with the highlights being the Desi breakfast which next time I would go for a few extra rotis which are a reasonable 50p extra each. The Bombay sandwich was also quite nice and light. The tea was amazing! I love desi tea and this place does it right. The food did not feel heavy at all and was surprisingly very filling. The masala chips were good and I enjoyed the Chaiwala Sauce which was a slightly spicer ketchup which went very well with the samosas and the sandwich 9/10


Location: Based opposite Toro’s it is not the easist place to get to in terms of parking and is in a busy side of Ladypool Road so make sure you leave some extra time to leave and leave some time to wait for a seat but it will all be worth it. 7/10


Overall: This is probably one of my favourite places I have eaten so far in 2017. Brilliant decor inside with a really good wide ranging menu and some authentic tasting fresh food. It is in a very small location so be prepared to wait but its a nice place to go and glad Ladypool Road has a decent breakfast place (I need to try La Favorita) 8.5/10

Address: 410 Ladypool Road, B12 8JZ Birmingham, United Kingdom

FB: https://www.facebook.com/chaiiwalaladypoolroad/