#HBIBReviews: Fat Chicken

Salaam all and welcome to a delayed edition of my quest around Birmingham eating the majority of things in my path. This review is all about Fat Chicken, a new chicken spot opened towards the bottom of Stratford Road towards Hall Green. This place has caught my eye for a while on Facebook and I was looking forward to heading down to try out some chicken!

Food: We arrived and were quickly served at the till and honest recommendations were given which is always appreciated. My friend opted for the Waffle Chicken Meal (£6.50) whereas I went for a Grand Mega Mix  meal (£3.50). We also ordered a side of Buffalo Wings and Mozzarella Dippers.The food arrived surprisingly quick and I had to say initial impressions were good. On a closer look it was clear the oil was slightly old hence the extra browning on the chicken but bring on the protein!

                                                              IMG_6886    IMG_6883

The burger tasted pretty good other than the old oil effect. It was a pretty meaty piece of chicken and for something which is a similar price to Dixy than this was far superior. The only thing I would suggest is extra sauce as the chicken can get a bit dry in the middle. The Waffle Chicken was something my friend had always wanted to try after seeing it on so many American shows, however it just did not work for him or me. The mix of a sweet waffle with a deep fried Chicken just did not seem to go but he did enjoy his chicken which he ate separate. The wings were pretty decent also and were delivered  piping hot. (7/10)



Service: Staff were very helpful with sauces provided upon request. I do wish they had more drinks to choose from, with a meal as heavy as that it is always good to get some decent drink options but maybe something they can develop going forward (7/10)

Location: A bit out of the centre of Birmingham and the ‘Balti Triange’ you do have to make the effort to come here and I would recommend you once in a while venture there to try it out but will not become a regular spot for myself.


Overall: I did enjoy my burger but the old oil effect was disappointing, I did attend on a Sunday evening but still no excuse for me. It was priced ok with the waffle meal slightly on the pricer side, don’t think I would have that again but definitely go back for a chicken burger. Also ask for their special sauce, it is quite nice (avoid the chilli sauce which seems like it is straight from Big Johns). 7/10

Address: 1106 Stratford Rd, Birmingham, West Midlands B28 8AD

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fatchickenbirmingham/