#HBIB Eats!: Adore Desserts

We are back for a quickfire review from Adore Desserts. The latest in a frenzy of new outlets on Ladypool Road right opposite Desi Express.

Food: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – Really good and tasty. We also had a Chocolate Crepe and Fruit explosion which I felt a bit underwhelmed by probably not a fan of a crepe, next time I will try a waffle out. Presentation of their food is the standout plus for these guys, they really know how to show off their food (admittedly I did not pick the prettiest things on the menu but saw plenty coming out of the kitchen to see they put some effort into the presentation).

Service: Really nice staff and helpful when ordering. However card machine was not working which in this day and age should not be happening!

Atmosphere: Really nice modern Factory type deco which I personally liked and comfy seating. Was warm which was important on a very cold winter afternoon.

Overall a solid 7.5/10 and a good challenger to Heavenly Desserts on Ladypool Rd.