#HBIB Reviews: TruBurger

Hi all and welcome to another review….this time it is off to burger specialists TruBurger who pride themselves in providing top quality ingredients. This is my second outing there as my first I went on a day in which they had numerous technical problems which meant my food was quite delayed and therefore did not feel it fair to review them on an off day which is why I was keen to go back. They are based on Ladypool Road right near Toro’s/Heavenly Desserts/Fargos. There are two floors which can seat a number of guests and small private parties.


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Food: The menu has a good range of burgers and wraps as well as starters. On this occasion we ordered Nachos and Buffalo Wings to start followed by a the TruBurger which is their signature beef burger. The nachos were a good sharing size and had a topping of Keema, chopped tomato salsa and melted cheese. I am not the best fan of these as I am a proper fatty who likes nachos very much like those at Odeon Cinema however these tasted decent but don’t think I would order them again. The wings were really good, loved the stickiness of them and they had a gorgeous coating and I could have easily had a few more! The burger itself was also decent, I love the fresh brioche bun and you could tell the beef tasted pure and not processed at all. Definitely one of the better burgers I have had. The rest of the table seemed to enjoy their meal also which is always good.  8/10

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Price: Once the bill was split it worked out to approx £10 a head including a drink so overall value for money TruBurger delivers, the only possible suggestion I would place is possibly have some kind of menu for large groups of families where the bills can often rack up and this is something I would recommend for many restaurants. 9/10

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Atmosphere: The location and look of the restaurant was really good albeit a bit on the small side. Due to the busy nature of the spot it can often feel as if a draft is coming in due to the door opening so many times and this can often put a downer on things however there were several heaters spotted so the business is trying to do something about it. The owners of the business are very involved in the running and are always keen to hear about what customers thought of the food. The food was served in good time and the staff were attentive and happy to get any condiments that were needed for the table.  7/10

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Overall: If you are looking for a burger this is definitely a good option in Birmingham, based right bang in the middle of the chaos in Birmingham why not give it a try. The staff are friendly and the business prides itself on good quality ingredients and is good for a meet up with friends or a meal out with the family for all the burger lovers out there. 8/10

Location: 369 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham, West Midlands B12

Website: http://www.truburger.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tru-Burger-644630065649100/?fref=ts