#HBIB Reviews: Sweet Dreams Desserts

Hello all and welcome to another blog! This is a visit to Sweet Dream Desserts which is not in your typical “Balti Triangle” area but as you will find out definitely worth it if you are looking for a nice relaxed evening and somewhere to get to, without the hectic chaos that surrounds Ladypool Road these days.

I have been here several times and was there just this week with a friend where we shared a dessert so this review will be a quick one.

Food: This like any dessert place has your typical waffles and ice creams, they have recently revamped their menu so they now also have waffle sandwiches which definitely look as good in real life as they do on the menu which isn’t often possible to be replicated by some places. Me and a friend went for a Chocolate Coma which was really good. In the past I have taken large groups of little cousins as well as a group of 10+ lads who all loved the other offerings this place has had to offer, their cookie dough is one of the best around! 9/10

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Service: This is another area where Sweet Dreams shine, if you come in with a large group they do make the effort to seat you together and there is even a member of staff who can do magic tricks which is always a good trick to have up your sleeve. The waffle did not take very long to arrive and was hot when I bit into it. The only issue with this place is the space, it is a small dessert restaurant and therefore when it gets busy it can lead to a bit of time queuing.  9/10

Location/Facilities: It is based on Bearwood High Street which is towards the bottom side of Hagley Road heading out of town. So to get there isn’t too bad however it is away from the main hub of food places in Birmingham which for me sometimes is a bonus as I often feel annoyed at how busy Ladypool Road has become. There is also free Wifi which is a big plus so you can SnapChat and Instagram the gorgeous desserts you are about to eat and make all your friends jealous! However there is currently no working customer toilets with the nearest one being at another store at the end of the High St. 7/10

Overall: This place is my go to dessert place if I am trying to avoid Ladypool Road and it offers desserts just as good if not better than some of the heavyweights over there. There is a new menu which I would encourage you all to try and if possible ask for some magic tricks! Be wary of the no toilet because I am sure people with weak bladders will not appreciate this. It is priced pretty average for dessert places around Birmingham and there is a cash machine right across the road which helps so therefore I am giving this an overall 8.5/10

Website: http://www.sweetdreamsdesserts.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mysweetdreamsuk

Address: 532 Bearwood High Street, Birmingham, B66 4BJ