#HBIB Reviews: Tortilla

Salam all and welcome to another edition of Halal Boy In Brum! Make sure you are liking the page on Facebook and Twitter, check the homepage for the links at the bottom! Todays review comes from the brand new Grand Central station where I visited Tortilla for lunch.

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Tortilla is a Mexican based restaurant which delivers a mix of burritos which is pretty much a normal wrap with chicken (only halal option) with added rice (both coriander and tomato based available) which is what makes it a burrito along with an option of black or pinto beans.

Food: Firstly I had a standard burrito in Medium, large was way too big for lunch I thought. You select your chicken and then its time for all the toppings! You start with a choice of rice and then some black or pinto beans. This was followed by some peppers and onions which were pretty good than we add sauce. It was then followed by the typical Mexican toppings like salsa and guacamole. Overall there was a good selection and really enjoyed the freshness of it all, you could see the ingredients being prepared in the back.

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it was my first ever time having a burrito and I enjoyed it, it was more filling than a normal wrap due to all that rice and I am glad I did not opt for the large option over lunch as it would have left me lagging over the afternoon.

Price: The price of the wrap was £5 which I think is on the high side of reasonable but it is in a prime position within the City Centre, I had a can of Diet Coke which was £1.20, a bit pricey I thought for a can but still overall for a one off lunch I would not mind paying that price. Check the online site for their full menu.

Service: The staff were very friendly and helpful to a Burrito novice and helped every step of the way with all the choices available. There is a small seating area so maybe send a friend ahead to grab some seating if available. Only thing I would suggest is a some wipes available as the burrito can get messy.

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Overall: I did enjoy my first Burrito experience and will be back, it offers a good choice of toppings and is not ashamed of its Halal credentials as it proudly states on its main menu in big bold letters so you cannot miss it. There was a good taste from the chicken and look forward to trying it again. 7.5/10

Location: Grand Central Station, Birmingham City Centre.