Hello all….it has been a very busy time on the Birmingham food scene with a lot of new places opening up in the last few months and hopefully you will be able to see a review of them all coming soon!


Pirlo’s is in a very odd place which for some reason works. It is based in Digbeth around the corner from many of the Sheesha Lounges located in that area. It has gone for the higher end dessert market which has been heavily centered around Heavenly Desserts in recent years and no one has taken their crown despite places like Adore Desserts and Artisan opening up nearby.IMG_9495

Food: I opted for a waffle which came out pretty quickly. A standard waffle with Nutella and vanilla ice cream. I have to say it was decent. It is pretty hard to get a waffle wrong in this day and age and I liked the touch with the Pirlos badge in cocoa powder which goes with the whole theme of it being a bit more special than your standard dessert place. Paid £6.95 for it and yes it is a bit more expensive than you would expect but given the City Centre location and the higher end market they are going for, I was not surprised. Others who have been there have only had good things to say especially about their Crepes, maybe next time.  7.5/10

Service/Decor: This is where Pirlos heads into its own. I love the exposed brick and bronze metal sheets look. The numerous TV screens are not in your face and the building overall provides a really good place to have a chill out with whoever you have come with. Seating is flexible and can accommodate groups ranging from 2 people to 12. The staff are well presented  and paying is nice and easy with the contactless type iPads they have which is quite handy. 9/10


Location: Most people will visit Pirlos in the evenings and therefore street parking can be found around Digbeth (be careful of blocking other local businesses as when I was there last several customers had to move their cars). It is close enough to Ladypool Road for people to venture there after a meal however there will be a limit on day time traffic due to parking issues and it not being around the core food areas of Birmingham. For some people it will be a relief to get away from the madness that is Ladypool Road so for me finding a high end dessert place away from there is a big benefit. 7/10

Overall: Pirlos’s is a solid 8/10, the food is decent and will satisfy any sweet cravings you may have. They have a pretty big menu and have even started Vegan and Gluten free options which are nice additions. The decor and atmosphere is where this place wins as you feel like you are going somewhere special. Location is a bit hit and miss and parking can sometimes be an issue but as long as people are sensible in where they park it should not be an issue.

Address: 6 Coventry Street, Birmingham, B5 5NY

Website: http://pirlos.co.uk/index.php/pirlos-menu/