#HBIB Review: Als Diner

This is a review we are very excited about as we believe this is one of the hidden gems in Birmingham! Als Dinner is in Kings Heath just off the main high street on Heathfield Road. This makes it about a 5 minute drive from Birmingham’s key food attractions around the Balti Triangle.

The diner is set to an American theme which has been implemented well however the booths do need some updating as they are getting a bit worn out however we do love the addition of the jukebox and the new menu boards which add to the retro American diner feel.

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I have been coming to Als Diner since it first opened about 2 years ago and have introduced many friends to it who have all been back since. It sells a variety of burgers as well as items such as Peri Peri Chicken which have been well received. It also has a range of American hot dogs and other typical diner type snacks as well which cater to the Birmingham chippy type market.

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Food: On this occasion me and my friend both opted for the new Sirloin handmade burger which were delicious. I especially loved the addition of the Turkey rashers which I felt went really well with the burger. We also got a cheesy hot dog which was a normal hot dog but with a heavy layer of melted cheese. For those of you who love nacho cheese I’m sure it would float your boat but for me personally there was way too much and once most of it was removed a really good hot dog was uncovered underneath.

On other occasions I have had the Big Sam and the Peri Chicken which I would also recommend. There is a good variety in the menu which should cater to the whim of whoever you have come with.

Service: I was served by the owner who is always keen to make sure you get a very good experience, the staff generally are very well mannered and always receptive to any specific requests. The restroom needs a bit updating but was clean and fully functioning. The decor is brilliant and is one of the best themes I have seen in and around Birmingham.

Price: The food is very reasonably priced and is only comparable to take-aways around the city such as La Codfather rather than main restaurants such as Fargos etc which sit at the higher end of the market. This is a good middle ground and one which has definitely spotted a gap in the market. The burgers we had were on the more expensive side of their menu coming in at £4 each however the Sirloin beef was worth it. What I would like to see is an option for burger meal and other menu type options.

Overall: Als Dinner is a solid 8/10, the food and the price it is makes it a no brainer, new additions to the menu have enhanced the already good menu and the decor is a big plus. I would recommend you all to give this place a try and see for yourself.

Address: 2 Heathfield Road, King’s Heath, Birmingham B14 7DB

FB: https://www.facebook.com/alsdinerkingsheath