#HBIB EATS! – Antep

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Interview Edition #1 – A good friend, Shah, visited Antep on Ladypool Road today which is renowned for its Turkish Cuisine. Grab his quick fire review below;

Food: I ordered the “Antep Platter” which had a mix of meats which can be seen on their site here.  The meat was amazing, cooked to perfection and came with 2 types of rice which went well with all the meat. The platter is perfect for 2 people which will see you both full to the brim!

Atmosphere: Decor is really good and fits the theme however I felt it was incredibly cramped. For a heavy meal like this ideally some space would be nice to enjoy the amazing food properly.

Overall: Overall I would have to give it a 7/10 the food was amazing but the cramp feel of the restaurant let the place down. I will definitely be back as the food was really good.

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