#HBIB Review: Sweet Temptations

Time for our first ever Dessert review….

Since Heavenly Desserts opened its doors all those years ago on Ladypool Road, dessert parlours have slowly started becoming more prominent up and down the UK nestling in between some of the UK’s best food eateries and have become part of a standard night out.

Photo 19-12-2014 23 11 23

I first came across Sweet Temptations when there was a queue outside Heavenly Desserts and I am one of those who will queue up outside a place adding to its existing inflated hype. Sweet Temptations took me and my friends in and certainly hit all the right spots so much so that I have been back several times and thought it was definitely worth a review!

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Food: Sweet Temptations provides a wide range of desserts that you would expect at any worthwhile dessert place and it does them very well. Waffles are always warm when brought to you and the presentation which can be seen above is not something they overlook. With Movenpick Ice Cream you always know what you are going to get, so for the price you pay you do get some good quality Ice Cream.

I had the Choc Chip Cookie Dough with a scoop of White Chocolate Ice Cream which was pretty good, the cookie dough was not the best I have had but was decent. It was not as gooey or choclatey as I have had at other places. One of my friends was unsure what he wanted and eventually ordered a very simple custard with Madeira cake which  to be fair tasted pretty decent. We also ordered a Chocolate Sundae which seemed to finish very quickly from a guy who claimed to be “full”. Food came after a short wait and water was provided which is essential when having dessert as it does seem to dry out the throat. Both waffles we ordered seem to go down a treat and the consistency of the waffle seemed just right, its never a pretty sight when you get a soggy waffle. 7/10

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Service & Atmosphere : With so many dessert outlets serving very similar products it is things like the service and atmosphere that are separate them. The staff here are attentive and knowledgeable of their products and when several of us did not know what we wanted to eat they were ready and willing to share ideas for us to try. There is also a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere which I prefer rather than places like Heavenly Desserts with their dark lighting and lavish surroundings where you never feel totally comfortable.

I have been on previous occasions with my family and younger cousins and I cannot fault the owner in how they behaved around them despite the chaos and mess they caused. At places like this in a large group there is also a tendency to just sit there and chat among friends as it is quite a comfortable place to be and in doing so I have never felt rushed to get out the door at all. 9/10

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Price: For the 6 of us who all had a dessert each and about 3 drinks the bill came to about £35 which is what you would expect I reckon so its certainly not cheap but it is in line with its main competition around it so a fair whack really. 7/10

Overall : So verdict time, if you are out with friends and family and it is not a special occasion that doesn’t warrant queuing just to grab some ice cream this is the place on Ladypool Road, good quality food and quality service make it the place to go along with consistent opening times. 8/10

If you would like more info grab them on their FB page here