#HBIB Review: Rock 66

Salam guys, welcome to HBIB (Halal Boy In Brum)! Myself and the team will work hard to bring you the best reviews from Birmingham’s most loved halal eateries and provide our humbled opinion before you take the plunge for yourself! The first few reviews that we have are from a previous blog we held so enjoy…

Post Ramadan has been a time of catching up with friends and eating out so I ventured to Rock66 for the very first time! Previous attempts to go this well known diner have fallen flat as it has never appealed to me with so many trusted options closer to home but after a few rave reviews from friends I thought why not!

Rock66 is an established American diner type burger joint based just outside Alum Rock on the famous Fox and Goose junction. They are mostly known for their mega burgers however they do offer other meat options.


The store itself was very much an American Diner but did show signs of age through the slight deterioration to certain booths. It could hold groups of upto 6/7 people eating at once but I did see a group of 9 young lads squeeze onto a table.

The menu was pretty expansive and the staff seemed to be happy to modify any of the food available should it not meet your requirements. I went for a modest Double BBQ Beef and Cheese Burger while my friend opted for the Rock’N’Rolla which is the stores piece de resistance.

6 stacks of meat (3 chicken breasts and 3 beef patties) lined on top of each other which a choice of some serious toppings. This was not for the faint hearted let me tell you but my friend gladly took on the challenge.

As the pictures above show the burgers looked pretty good, along with them a side order of fries is in included in the price. The fries were average at best and tasted a bit on the burnt side.

Now onto the burgers….To be honest they were average patties. Birmingham has in recent years had a handmade burger revolutions ever since the infamous Broadway Daddy Burger however this beef patty was not as big or as tasty as I have had in other establishments namely Chicago Burger (Albeit we are yet to review the new opening).

The BBQ dressing that my burger came with was nice and the bun was pretty decent also but the patty is where the burger was let down as well as the fries that came with it.

Lets move onto the Rock’N’Rolla which was demolished by my friend. He had the same opinion as myself in regards to the beef patties and the chicken he felt was also very thinly cut but very nicely made. He did enjoy the bun and felt the range of options for fillings were more than adequate.

Verdict: The Rock’N’Rolla cost £12 whereas the Double Cheeseburger was priced at £5.50. The food overall was decent however we felt their was no wow factor in either burger. The price, atmosphere and food was very average from a place I had high hopes for and for that reason it gets a 6.5/10! I am happy I have now been and can put my mind at ease but if you really want that bigburger experience Chicago (Before Oct 14 ReBrand) and Fargos have got it covered.

If you would like to try the place out for yourself log onto their website here where they have the full menu and contact info: here

Please let us know what you think and your own comments in regards to Rock66 if you have ever been down below. I look forward to reviewing some more places in the future!